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Date Posted:02/20/2009 10:47 AMCopy HTML



"Running Wild And Free"
Long sharp claws and muscles strong
Gleaming white teeth and a mane so long
Eyes that shine so bright at night
And speed to do its one deed right.
Cautiously it stalks and hunts its prey
Quiet as a mouse it would sit all day
Just waiting for the right moment to come
When it would kill and devour some.
Not a leaf rustled or a twig snapped
As the huge paw followed the carefully mapped
Path of its victim to be,
And the Lion, the victim could not see.
The moment came, the Lion moved,
Its victim ran, but the Lion proved
That he was surely King of Beasts
And on the victim he now feasts.
As darkness falls the jungle fills
with noises great and small
And in the midst of its murky depths
you can hear the Lions call
In time to come he too must flee
But for now he's running wild and free.
       ©Karen Pietzner

This set is NOT linkware.  It is for my
own personal use and is NOT to leave
this site at all. It was created for a
page challenge at DMATAWARDS. 
Thanks for abiding by my terms of service.
Photo is from my own personal collection
of cd's and the poetry is ©Karen Pietzner.
The poem is NOT public domain, so it is
NOT to leave this site under any circumstance.
Enjoy!!!!   ©Fiddlinsue
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Re:Running Wild

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