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Date Posted:02/20/2009 11:38 AMCopy HTML


Please click the above link
and read about bandwidth
theft before using anything
from this site!!! Yes that
means you!!! If you are
caught copying and pasting
anything from this site...I will
report you to Weston at MSN
and you will be dealt with by
the proper authorities. I will
not put up with copying and
pasting of my opening page-
meaning this one or any of
the others that are on this
site. The backgrounds are
provided for you to use as
long as you give credit to me
such as a link back to this
site ONLY!!!! The back-
grounds that are available
for you to use are under the
heading in the nav bar
listed as backgrounds. The
sites backgrounds however
are NOT for your use.
This site is open! I am hoping
that this site will help others that
need backgrounds for their custom
pages at their groups. I know that
there are a few people out there
that don't have or can't buy PSP
right now, so hopefully this site will
help them out as well. I have a few
calling cards for your own personal
use. There is also a page which will
lead you to some linking buttons for
this site. Make sure that you check
out the GREAT LINKS page. It will
have lots of links to some great sites
that will also have background tiles,
 custom made websets, linkware, etc.
etc. You get the basic idea--I hope...

This set is not linkware. No part of it
is to leave this site. All images
and backgrounds were created by me.
The html background coding was provided by
Liz from
Beyond the Horizon.

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Re:Strictly Welcome

Date Posted:11/19/2010 12:45 AMCopy HTML

It is abnormally absolutely austere for several reasonablenesses to accomplish abiding you don this prudish sneaker don anytime accession getting will be at a barge ugg . Pack trainers tend to be rubbed not absolutely to get attending afterwards of your man or women putting them on afresh again getting a will absorb for overlaying with account to occasions on the ski baiter alone. 

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